In the United States, the author of an original work automatically secures copyright protection from the time the work is created in a fixed form. However, filing a registration with the US Copyright Office has numerous advantages. Not only does registration establish a public record of the copyright claim, but it also essentially gives the copyright owner the “keys to the courthouse.” That is, if you believe someone has infringed on your work and you want to bring a suit,  registration is necessary. Additional benefits are outlined in detail in this Circular published by the Copyright Office.

Don’t wait until your work has been infringed to start the registration process! Davis Entertainment Law can file Copyright registrations for the following works:

  • literary
  • musical
  • dramatic
  • sound recordings
  • motion pictures and other AV works
  • compilations of works and derivative works
  • architectural works
  • pictorial, graphic and sculptural works.

Whereas a copyright protects artistic, literary works, a trademark is used to protect logos and brand names associated with or used on goods and services. As noted by the USPTO, you can establish rights in a mark without registration (“common law trademark”), but there are advantages to owning a federal trademark registration, including the ability to bring a lawsuit concerning the mark in federal court.

Filing a trademark application at the USPTO starts a legal proceeding, and the guidance of an intellectual property attorney like Michelle Davis is of the upmost importance. An experienced attorney can save you time and money by providing a thorough preliminary trademark search, proper and detailed registration, and follow-through prosecution responding to challenges from the USPTO. It is also important to note that trademark protection can be lost if it is not properly maintained. Avoid the common trademark pitfalls by hiring Davis Entertainment Law for your trademark search and prosecution.