There are a lot of moving parts involved in making a film: Writers and producers crafting the script; casting directors and actors realizing those performances; a technical crew behind the scenes; musicians and composers providing a soundtrack; accountants and financiers analyzing budgets and tax incentives; distributors and publicists delivering and promoting the finished product, and more. With every step forward and with every new relationship forged between collaborators, there are key legal issues that must be addressed. Michelle Davis believes that the most effective legal counseling is preventative in nature. She will work diligently to protect your intellectual property and craft effective, clear contracts so that your team can work together efficiently and move forward with confidence.

Michelle Davis can help you with following film/television needs covering contract law, employment law, copyright, trademark, rights of publicity and tax law:

  • Services Agreement for producer, director, performers and crew
  • Acquiring life story rights
  • Buy or option a screenplay
  • Screenplay adaptation
  • Copyright registration
  • Music licensing and clearance
  • Trademark registration
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Rights of Publicity and releases
  • Contracts with Screen Actors Guild
  • Tax Credit counseling
  • Script and Title Clearance Opinion
  • Letters of Intent to secure financing
  • Product placement deals
  • Shooting permits

Are you involved in film or television production and have an issue not on this list? We still may be able to help! Call or email to schedule a consultation.